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How to score more in online MMO games is a snake-eat-snake game and is quite famous among internet players today. The game features very good design but with simplicity of play, which makes it a popular choice among the players. Eating orbs grows your snake character larger and you will enjoy moving around thanks to the fluid movements incorporated in the game. The orbs in the game glow so you can spot them easily and their pulses make the game quite pretty. Whereas growing longer is the motive, smaller snakes enjoy greater mobility and do not have much to lose compared to larger ones. You can also try one strategy game which is game online.

But even with the amazing design and simple and easy to use controls in the game, you will need to be strategic in your play if at all you want to enjoy some fame on the Leaderboard. So how exactly do you achieve this?

1. Use food to lure your victims. You may be tempted to scoop up everything after a kill, but waiting a little to use it as bait can fetch you even more food. The food in slitherio is colorful and therefore will easily attract other snakes. It is a tactic that works on smaller prey so you can trap them as soon as they start gobbling your winnings. You can wrap around the bait so encircling your victim is so much easier.

2. Use bigger snakes to feed yourself. This is a simple way of growing yourself without putting in too much effort. Stealing kills from other snakes is allowed, but you do not want to find yourself in the mad dash towards a fresh kill scene. The center of the board holds more action and you can earn something here, you just need to allow some time for the traffic to die down before then cleaning up what is left by larger snakes.

3. Juke opponents out. This is probably the simplest method you can use to grow longer and even make it to the leaderboard on Use it on medium sized snakes with a tendency of using tails as obstacles when avoiding others. Timing is everything and it would be a good plan to set the juke by choosing a head to head approach with the opponent. You can then make a slight turn from the juke and speed towards other snake to reap your rewards.

4. Pin enemies. You can use the larger snakes as the perfect barriers to pin targeted snakes. The fact is that most snakes will hide near big snakes, but if you are keen you will manage to squeeze them into very tight spots. It is a good plan when you have lots of space at your disposal and not really a good one in crowded fields because there is a risk of running into other snakes.

5. Try trapping a snake. Cutting off snakes does work, but encircling them makes a better option. It is, however a tactic that calls for coordination and patience since other snakes can be just as clever making it difficult for you to complete the circle. controls are simple to use giving you a very good play experience every time. By getting familiar with the game before starting your play, you will manage to make it to the top of leaderboard in the exciting slitherio.


Best MMO Mouse for Gamers

Abbreviated as MMORPG, a Massively Multiplayer online role-playing game is set in a virtual world of role-playing on a web browser, which simultaneously allows many players to interact with one another in the virtual game world. Guild Wars, The Old Republic and Star Wars are some of the most popular MMO games. Recently, Guild Wars created history by selling more than 3 million copies in nine months.

If you want to play any game today, you need a high level of precision, whether it is for attacking, targeting, aiming, or slashing. The choice of the right mouse plays an important role here. These gaming mice have been designed with real-time strategy and Friv games in mind, and they often come with a bunch of 6 to 20 MMO-tuned programmable buttons under the thumb.

The priority of every company is making a customized product that will suit the playing style of each kind of player. The factors which most companies focus on while making a gaming mouse include increasing the DPI value, increasing the sensor power or creating a product which provides a comfortable grip. Some features of these computer mice include configurable buttons that can be adjusted according to the individual style of playing each game. The hotkeys in such mice are complicated to configure, but once set, you will come across the barrier of HUD (head-up display). Aside from assigning the hotkeys, you may even be able to change the LED colors surrounding the mouse.

The other important factor which plays an important role in gaming mice is the Dots per inch value, often called DPI, which is the time needed for the cursor to travel across the pixels of your screen. High speeds games require high DPI, but if you want to navigate slowly with a slow cursor speed, you will keep yourself safe by keeping the DPI level low. This factor plays an important role in choosing the right gaming mouse.

By understanding this fact, it’s easier to choose the companies that make the best mice to fit your style. There are plenty of MMO mice available on market today, but I have come across few mice that really work well for MMO games. Logitech is one of the companies that understand the nuisance of MMO games and the basics, and has come out with products that offer total customization. The best example is Logitech’s G600 MMO Gaming Mouse with 20 assignable buttons and adjustable DPI, making it one of the best mice for MMO games.

I also like to use Razer products, as this company provides mice that can be used in MMO games due to their functionality when used at high level and the ability to simultaneously keep the DPI level in check. One such example is Razer Naga Run 3 mouse with 12 buttons, and a thumb grid with an improved all-new concave shape to allow each button to stand out individually. This computer mouse is a must buy for any anyone who wants to explore their adventurous gaming spirit with fewer buttons and high DPI levels.

Another mouse that falls under the same category is the CM Storm Inferno, a gaming mouse which has great precision tracking. This mouse features fewer buttons with less DPI controls, but it has an excellent optical tracking system due to its twin laser sensor which provides sheer accuracy, quick movements and optimized speed ranges. Sometimes we ignore these values, but perhaps some of the most important functions our mouse can perform depend upon them.