Good News; Trees Are Being Saved

First the bad news. Sad to be saying this but even so it is still necessary. Especially after a heavy storm, drive down the neighborhood roads and you see how difficult this is. Branches have snapped off and there is debris scattered all over the roads. Apart from the roads being wet, this makes driving quite inconvenient and somewhat dangerous. Everyone that is sensible enough to drive around in such weather, has, however, complained.

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They want nothing more to do with this inconvenience, and danger or no danger, they simply must get from A to B. So, can you please remove the trees already. At least they were decent enough to ask. But what choice did the trees have. And good neighbors, those who love the trees and the greenery, never really stood a chance. In some cases, they have even gone and put in municipal by-laws that stipulate that the trees simply must be removed.

Aha! A slip of the tongue. And there is a good tale to tell. So, the trees must be removed. So what? And who said anything about killing them, hacking them down with chainsaws and such noisy instruments. The local tree transplanting cheney ks business does not need to kill off the trees. They can simply move them. They can transplant them. The trees can be placed in areas where it is safe to do so.

It is safe for pedestrians and commuters and drivers. And more especially, if you just happen to be a good tree hugger, it is safe for the trees too. Of course, the storms still need to come, and the branches will be broken. The branches will still need to be trimmed and repaired and the parks tidied up.